Who we are. Who we want to be. 

After many years working for themselves and other firms, Arterberry Cooke partnered in 2013.  


Alice Arterberry

Alice's background in architecture and landscape brings complimentary skills and viewpoints in her approach to design. Alice is a native of Boston with a fondness for the beauty of the New England seasons, and the classic backdrop of historic Boston, Walden Pond, Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard. After 15 years in Southern California, she has learned to love the outdoor lifestyle, the diversity of Southern California's landscapes, and the balance between built environment and landscape design. Alice is unique in her ability to bring both design and project management skills.

Alice has a professional degree of Architecture from Woodbury University.  Alice is a licensed Architect in Texas. Prior to Arterberry Cooke, Alice worked at architectural firms specializing in the design and construction of public sector projects, including; schools, community centers, parks and housing. 


Barrett Cooke

Barrett moved to Los Angeles after finishing graduate school at the Rhode Island School of Design in Interior Architecture in 2005.

Originally from Louisville, KY, Barrett is inspired by spatial narratives and the part they play in shaping culture.  She has been lucky to work with great clients who have a vision of how they want to live, and her goal is to help guide and direct this vision.